North Mansion Block Downtown Development Opportunity

   Question and Answers

This page is designated for questions asked during the RFP process along with the City of Springfield's responses. Questions must be submitted in writing to the City’s Purchasing Agent, Sandy Robinson at

The deadline to submit questions is Friday, April 8, 2016.

   April 6, 2016

How are you all defining workforce housing?

The City of Springfield envisions workforce housing encompassing entry level firefighters, policemen, teachers, and other professionals that meet the household income for I and 2 persons, as illustrated on the attached Springfield Gross Income Limits sheet. We are certainly open to other housing models in addition to these that would encompass student housing and/or housing for lobbyists and others doing business with the Illinois General Assembly, area universities and our medical community.

   March 22, 2016

If a Developer is interested in rehabilitating the former YWCA Building, is there financial assistance available?

Landmarks Illinois is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1971 and is the state's leading voice for historic preservation. The organization has established a variety of programs to facilitate, educate and promote historic preservation. Landmarks Illinois also maintains and extensive database of preservation resources, including incentives and grants, architects, consultants and other professional services.

For more information, contact: Frank Butterfield- Director, Springfield office at 217-836-2524 or

Also, the YWCA Building lies within the Central Springfield National Historic District. This makes the building eligible for the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program, which provides a 20% tax credit for the substantial rehabilitation of commercial, agricultural, industrial, or rental residential buildings that are certified as historic. The credit may be subtracted directly from federal income taxes owed by the owner. The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Preservation Services division, administers it for Illinois properties.

For more information, contact: Dyson, Carol - Chief Architect, Tax Incentives Coordinator, & Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer at 217-524-0276 or

Who attended the March 16, 2016 Pre-Bid Meeting and Site Tour?

   March 16, 2016

Questions and Answers - Pre-Bid Meeting

Q: What position does the City have about vacating the alley?
A: There’s a process for doing that and we would walk you through that. It’s always an option.

Q: What is the historic designation of the property?
A: It is located in the H-2 Historic District which is a buffer for the Executive Mansion.

Q: Is the YWCA Building a designated historic structure?
A: Yes, it has been designated as such.

Q: Are the exterior walls of the YWCA Building load-bearing?
A. Yes

Q: Will asbestos abatement have to be completed for the YWCA Building?
A. Yes. Regardless of whether the building is rehabbed or demolished, asbestos abatement will have to be done.