North Mansion Block Downtown Development Opportunity

   Question and Answers

This page is designated for questions asked during the RFP process along with the City of Springfield's responses. Questions must be submitted in writing to the City’s Purchasing Agent, Sandy Robinson at

The deadline to submit questions was Monday, April 17, 2017.

  1. Will the City consider a time extension for the due date of proposals beyond May 15, 2017? If yes, would they consider a 60 day extension?
    ANSWER: No, the City will not extend the proposal due date past May 15, 2017.
  2. Would the City please add the RUDAT report to the list of previous studies and access to all studies?
    ANSWER: The RUDAT Report has been added to the North Mansion Block Website.
  3. Does the City have a definition for “architecturally significant”?
    ANSWER: Architecture that will blend in with the downtown historical landscape and significantly enhance the Governor’s Mansion and buildings surrounding the block.
  4. To clarify – Page 5 second bullet point under Development Guidelines reads in part “….but limited to….” – does this mean only market rate housing should be proposed if proposing housing?
    ANSWER: Yes, only market rate housing.
  5. To clarify – Page 13 – No Advocating paragraph – second line has the word “my” which does not grammatically fit – if the word is to be “may” it would mean someone or group could lobby – if the word was “shall” then it would be clear that lobbying was off limits – why is this important and would the City consider striking this paragraph in total?
    ANSWER: Individuals submitting proposals shall not lobby or advocate to the City of Springfield staff including, but not limited to, members of the City Council, the Economic Development Commission, Office of the Mayor or the Office of Planning and Economic Development.
  6. To clarify – Page 17 – under Feasibility and Cost you indicate “Air Rights Development” – please explain what you meant by this terminology?
    ANSWER: If the City enters into a land lease with a private developer then the issue of “Air Rights” will be addressed in the land lease.